Woodsia obtusa blunt cliff-fern Aspleniaceae WOOB; Bx, pb; NY ct, hb, rr, tr;


Woodsia.obtusifolia.Marielle Anzelone.Metro North wall

Woodsia.obtusifolia.Marielle Anzelone.Metro North wall. N.Y.C. 8/002 (Accessed 4/2017).

Woodsia obtusa is a fern to 55 cm tall (usually less than 20 cm), from a scaly rhizomes. 

Leaves in tufts, stalk very short, brittle, base orange, yellow above, somewhat glandular-hairy; white-hairy and scaly when young; blade narrow, to 10 cm wide, twice pinnate-pinnately lobed, midrib hairy, scaly, leaflets 13-18 per side, widely spaced along midrib (rachis), almost stalkless, bluntly, narrowly triangular, hairy below, fertile leaflets narrow, pointed, secondary leaflets 6-13 per side of leaflet, oblong, rounded, deeply pinnately lobed, 4-6 bluntly toothed lobes per side, fertile lobes with margins rolled under over spore cases when young. 

Woodsia obtusa.spore cases. ©2013 by Will Cook. carolinanature.com

Woodsia obtusa.spore cases. ©2013 by Will Cook. carolinanature.com (Accessed 4/2017).

Spore cases along lobe margins. 

Wetland status: UPL. 

Woodsia.obtusifolia.Marielle Anzelone.Metro North railroad walll

Woodsia obtusifolia.Marielle Anzelone.Metro North railroad wall

Frequency in NYC: Very infrequent but locally common on Park Ave. rail trestle, in mortar between stones. 

Origin: Native. 

Habitat: Shaded, rocky slopes, in circumneutral soil.