Wolffia brasiliensis  (W. papulifera) Brazilian water-meal Lemnaceae WOPA; Q cu (Greller 1985); R, wp;

Wolffia columbiana and W. papulifera.The Maine Natural Areas Program.www.maine.gov

Wolffia columbiana (L. side ) and W. papulifera (R. side).The Maine Natural Areas Program.www.maine.gov (Accessed 5/2014).

Wolffia brasiliensis is a minute monocotyledon (but apparently larger than W. columbiana), free floating plants without stems, leaves or roots, about 0.1 cm diameter, asymmetrically elliptic, upper surface with a small, conical point, dark green, sometimes brown, lower part pale green, rounded, floating low in water, colonial by budding. 

Leaves: None.

Flowers rarely produced (see W. columbiana). 

Wetland status: OBL. 

Frequency in NYC: Very infrequent. 

Origin: Native. 

Habitat: Quite ponds. 

Notes: Much smaller than Lemna and without roots. Listed as Wbrasiliensis by USDA.plants (2006).