Veronica peregrina purslane speedwell; neckweed Scrophulariaceae VEPR*, Bx, pb, vc; Q;

Veronica peregrina.Keir Morse. New England Wild Flower

Veronica peregrina.© Keir Morse. New England Wild Flower (4/2014).

Veronica peregrina is a winter annual herb to 30 cm tall, erect, larger plants branched; main leaves opposite, stalkless (sessile), oblong to linear, smooth, shiny, pale green (appearing slightly succulent), to 3 x 0.8 cm, often slightly toothed, semi-evergreen. 

Leaves opposite, those of inflorescence alternate (bracts), becoming gradually smaller upwards.

Flowers white, 0.2 cm wide, 4-parted, solitary in axils of bracts, almost sessile, sepals narrow, sometimes longer than petals; petals, joined at base, stigma almost sessile on heart-shaped, superior ovary, stamens 2 inflorescence elongate, inflorescence elongate spike-like, bracts alternate; blooms April- Sept.

Fruit a heart-shaped capsule to 0.4 cm, with numerous seeds; fruits Aug (Hough 1983).

Wetland status: FACU-.

Frequency in NYC: Very infrequent.

Origin: Native N. & S. America.

Habitat: Lawn-weed, in open, moist sites.