Toona sinensis   (Cedrela s.) toona  Meliaceae TOSI*; Bx, br;

Toona sinensis. ©Bjarne Dinesen, (Accessed 6/2014).

Toona sinensis. ©Bjarne Dinesen, (Accessed 6/2014).


Toona sinensis is a tree to 16 m, bark shredding, twigs gray-brown with fine yellow tiny dots (lenticels), surface softly, velvety; winter bud densely brown hairy. 

Leaves alternate, evenly pinnate, stalk elongate, blade 25-50 cm, with 10-22 leaflets, oblong 8-15 cm long, tip long-pointed, margin sometimes with few shallow teeth. 

Flowers white, fragrant, small, 0.5 cm long, in drooping, branched clusters to 30 cm long, petals 4-5, stamens 5 alternating with 5 short appendages (staminodes). 

Fruit a thin, woody capsule about 2.5 cm long, splitting open from the tip to release seeds, the open capsules are persistent and have a lily-like shape with a large pithy white central “core”; seeds small winged. 


Toona (Accessed 3/2017).

Wetland status: NL. 

Frequency in NYC: Very infrequent. 

Origin: China. 

Habitat: Small stand of 4-5 trees. Planted in a former part of New York Botanical Garden, not known to escape, although it has produced at least one seedling found in Aug. 2003.