Sphenopholis obtusata prairie wedge-grass Poaceae SPOB; R;

Sphenopholis obtusa.© Heike Vibrans 2006.conabio.gob.mx

Sphenopholis obtusa.© Heike Vibrans 2006.conabio.gob.mx (Accessed 3/2017).

Sphenopholis obtusata is an annual or short-lived perennial C3 grass (Basinger 2002), 20-120 cm tall, stems tufted or solitary; ligules about 0.2-0.3 cm, membranous, fringed.

Leaves less than 10 cm long, 0.2-0.8 cm wide.

Flower spikelets 2-flowered, flattened, glumes keeled, unequal, first to 0.1-0.3 cm long, second 0.1-0.4 cm, broader, lemmas about 0.2-0.4 cm; ; inflorescence to 20 cm long; blooms and fruits May-July.

Wetland status: FAC-.

Frequency in NYC: Very infrequent.

Origin: Native.

Habitat: Dry to wet soil, meadows, stream banks, shores, soil pH 5-7.5 (USDA, NRDC 2010).

Notes: Symbiotic with the endophytic fungus Epichloë amarillans (Schardl and Leuchtmann 1999).