Maianthemum stellatum  (Smilacina stellata) starry false lily of the valley; starflower Liliaceae SMST; Q; K; R, pm;


Smilacina stellata.John

Smilacina stellata.John (Accessed 4/2014).

Maianthemum stellatum is a perennial,   monocotyledon, summer green herb to 60 cm tall (usually less), stem unbranched, colonial from a creeping rhizome. 

Leaves alternate, ranked along stem, to 15 cm long, 5 cm wide, tip taped to point, finely hairy below; stalkless, usually folded, somewhat clasping, lance-shaped, veins parallel to midrib 

Flowers white to 1 cm wide; inflorescence an unbranched cluster at tip of stem; blooms May-June. 

Fruit fleshy, 3-lobed, to 1 cm wide, green with blackish stripes when immature, becoming entirely dark red when ripe; blooms Aug-Sept. seeds 1-2. 

Wetland status: FACW. 

Frequency in NYC: Very uncommon. 

Origin: Native. 

Habitat: Usually in moist sand of forest understory, near shore (Also found in holly forest on Sandy Hook, NJ, M. Gargiullo personal observation).