Scrophularia marilandica carpenter’s square; figwort Scrophulariaceae SCMA; Bx, pb, vc, NY iw; Q, a;


Scrophularia marilandica.Eleanor

Scrophularia marilandica.© 2002 Eleanor (Accessed 4/2014).

Scrophularia marilandica is a  perennial herb to 3 m tall; stem 4-sided, angles rounded, stems grooved between angles, specially hairy above. 

Leaves opposite, egg-shaped, to 25 cm long, tip pointed, base rounded, margin coarsely toothed, stalk deeply grooved above but not winged, 1/3 to 1/2 as long as blade. 

Flowers reddish-brown, irregular, tubular, to 0.8 cm long, calyx regular, with 5 rounded lobes; blooming July-Aug. 

Fruit a smooth, 2-parted capsule, pointed tip, 0.4-0.7 cm long, brown, seeds wrinkled, numerous. 

Wetland status: FACU-. 

Frequency in NYC: Infrequent.

 Origin: Native. 

Scrophularia marilandica.Dan

Scrophularia marilandica.Dan ( Accessed 4/2014).

Habitat: Open woods, rich, moist soil.