Scirpus pendulus  (S. lineatus) drooping bulrush Cyperaceae SCPE; Bx, pb; 

Scirpus pendulus.Donald Cameron.New England Wild Flower

Scirpus pendulus.Donald Cameron.New England Wild Flower (Accessed 5/2014).

Scirpus pendulus is a perennial C3 rush (Bryson and Carter 1977) to 1.5 m tall, tufted, stems rigid, erect.

Leaves 5-10, 0.3-1 cm wide, widely separated.

Flower spikelets 0.6-1.3 cm long, one in each cluster stalkless, the others on stalks, often drooping, scales about 0.2 cm, tip pointed, central green stripe, sides reddish-brown, 6 bristles, curled, achene pale purple-brown to brown, bluntly 3-sided, about 0.1 cm long with a small, sharp beak; inflorescence at top of stem, branched several times; blooming and fruiting June-Aug.

Wetland status: OBL.

Frequency in NYC: Very infrequent.

Origin: Native.

Habitat: Marshes, wet meadows, soil pH 4.9-7 (USDA, NRCS 2010).