Scilla siberica squill Liliaceae SCSI*; Bx, pb;


Scilla (Accessed 11/2014).

Scilla siberica is a perennial monocotyledon to 15 cm from bulbs; spring ephemeral, emerging in March-April; colonial from bulb offsets; flowering stems leafless. 

Leaves 2-5, from bulb top, to 1.2 cm wide, all basal, linear, strap-like. 

Flowers dark blue, radially symmetrical, about 1 cm wide, petals 6, anthers violet; 1-3 flowers at top of stem, nodding (Bailey 1976). 

Fruit a dry 3-parted capsule. 

Wetland status: NL. 

Frequency in NYC: Very infrequent. 

Origin: Russia. 

Habitat: May escape from garden waste or persist at old house sites (Bailey and Baily 1976). 

Notes: Plant becoming dormant in late spring. Apparently invasive in some states.