Sabatia angularis rose pink Gentianaceae SAAN; R; cp, t;


Sabatia angularis.Bobby

Sabatia angularis.Bobby (Accessed 4/2014).

Sabatia angularis is a biennial herb, forming a rosette the first year, second year growing 30-80 cm tall, stout, hairless, usually with many opposite branches from the middle up, stem sharply 4- angled, winged, conspicuously 3-veined. 

Leaves opposite, egg-shaped, 1-4 cm long, base rounded or slightly lobed. 

Flowers pink, with a greenish eye, showy, regular, 5-parted, 2-4 cm wide, anthers linear, style elongate, petals more or less egg-shaped; flower stalks wing-angled, the wings continued up the base of the calyx; inflorescence an open, branched cluster July-Aug.. 

Fruit a dry capsule at first enclosed in old petals, eventually splitting in two. 

Wetland status: FAC. 

Frequency in NYC: Rare (NYS Rare S1, E). 

Origin: Native. 

Habitat: Moist, open meadows, sparse vegetation.