Rosa setigera climbing prairie rose Rosaceae ROSE(*); Bx, pb, wv; 

Rosa setigera.john

Rosa setigera.john (Accessed 8/2014).

Rosa setigera is a prickly shrub, stems climbing to 6 m tall, prickles relatively sparse, broad-based, curved back, in pairs or solitary along internodes; stipules very narrow, with glandular hairs along margin.

Leaves alternate, pinnately compound, leaf stalk glandular-hairy; leaflets 3 or 5, narrowly egg-shaped, to 10 cm long, glossy, hairless, veins impressed above, paler, sometimes hairy below, tips pointed, margins sharply toothed, terminal leaflet stalked, lateral leaflets almost stalkless.

Flowers pink, showy, numerous, to 8 cm wide, stalks and flower base (hypanthium) glandular-bristly, sepals to 1.6 cm long, curved back, deciduous, anthers numerous, styles united in a column; blooms June-July.

Fruit elliptic brown-green to red to 1.2 cm wide about 2 cm long.

Wetland status: FACU.

Frequency in NYC: Very infrequent.

Origin: Native west and south of NYC region.

Habitat: Shrubby areas, edges.