Menispermum canadense moon seed Menispermaceae MECA; Bx, pb, rd, sf, up, vc, wv; NY, iw, rv; Q, a; R, c, lp;


Menispermum_canadense,_inflorescence_-_whole_-_unspecified, (Accessed 6/2015).

Menispermum canadense is a slender, climbing, woody vine to 5 m long.

Leaves alternate, to 15 cm long, broadly egg-shaped, shallowly 5-lobed, tips blunt, veins palmate, margin smooth, leaf stalks inserted on underside near margin (peltate).

Flowers white, regular, small, in elongate clusters in leaf axils, June-July.

Fruit fleshy, black, 1 cm in grape-like clusters, pulp lipid < 10%, apparently poisonous to humans (Kingsbury 1964); 1 seed, crescent or ring-shaped, irregular, flattened. Seeds animal dispersed. Fruits known to be eaten by Raccoons (Wilson 1993).

Wetland statusNL.

Frequency in NYC: Occasional.

Origin: Native.


Menispermum (Accessed 7/2014)

Habitat: Open uplands and edges, sprawling over other vegetation. .