Melia azedarach chinaberry Meliaceae MEAZ*; NY, ct; Q, a;


Melia (Accessed 8/2014).

Melia (Accessed 8/2014).

Melia azedarach is a tree to 15 m; bark gray shallowly fissured; leaf scar triangular; buds gray, fuzzy. 

Leaves alternate doubly pinnate, leaflets opposite, irregularly toothed and lobed. 

Flowers lilac, malodorous; inflorescence branched, to 40 cm long; blooms May. 

Fruit fleshy, yellow, about 1 cm wide, rounded, 1-seeded, Sept.-Oct, persisting into winter (Dirr 1990); fruit poisonous, can be fatal to children if eaten (Kingsbury 1964). 

Wetland status: NL. 

Frequency in New York City: Very infrequent. 

Origin: Asia. 

Habitat: Escaped, weedy, shade tolerant. Soil pH 4-8 (USDA, NRCS 2010).