Luzula multiflora  (L. campestris var. m.) common wood rush Juncaceae LUMU; Bx, pb, vc; NY, hb, iw; Q, a, cu; R, bd, gb, h, lt, t;


Luzula multiflora.Copyright ©Sheryl

Luzula multiflora.Copyright ©Sheryl (Accessed 9/2014).

Luzula multiflora is a perennial rush, 20-40 cm tall, densely clumped, often reddish in bloom, long-hairy. 

Leaves: basal leaves several, stem leaves 2-3, blades flat, about 10 cm long, 0.2-0.6 cm wide, hairy at base and margins, tip slender. 

Flowers in small, dense clusters of 7-15, petals lance-shaped, about 0.3 cm long, brown, inflorescence bracts shorter than inflorescence, April-May. 



Fruit capsule shorter than petals about 0.1 cm long, May-June, 

Wetland status: FAC. 

Frequency in NYC: Occasional. 

Origin: Native. 

Habitat: Open, upland woods. 

Notes: Found in soil pH 5.2 (Gargiullo unpublished data). Seeds have an oily attachment (elaiosome) attractive to ants which eat the attachment and disperse seeds in nest waste piles (Handel 1978).