Linum usitatissimum flax; linseed Linaceae LIUT*; Bx, pb (DeCandido 2001);


Linum usitatissimum is an annual herb to 1 m, several stems, branched above. 

Leaves sessile, alternate, to 3.5 cm long, 3-veined, narrowly lance-shaped. 

Flowers blue, radially symmetrical, petals 5, to 2.3 cm long, tip blunt, base narrowed on long stalks, May-July. 

Fruit a dry, rounded capsule to 0.9 cm wide, opening into 10 segments to release one seed from each segment. 

Wetland status: UPL. 

Frequency in NYC: Very infrequent. 

Origin: Europe.

Habitat: Disturbed, open habitats. 

Notes: The source of linen fiber and of flaxseed oil.