Ipomoea pandurata wild potato Convolvulaceae  IPPA; R, lp (Aesop Park);

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Ipomoea pandurata is a perennial vine from a large, deep tuberous root, stems trailing or slightly twining to 5 m, forking, often purplish.

Leaves alternate, heart-shaped, to 15 cm long, tip long-pointed, base deeply lobed.

Flowers white with red-purple center, to 8 cm long, 10 cm wide, funnel-shaped, sepals to 2 cm long, oblong to egg-shaped, tips blunt; inflorescence of 1-7 flowers on a stout stalk, longer than leaf stalks; blooming and fruiting June-Sept.

Fruit dry, hollow, a 2-parted capsule.

Wetland status: FACU.

Frequency in NYC: Rare (NYS S1, E).

Origin: Native.

Habitat: Dry woods and successional habitats.