Equisetum arvense field horsetail Equisetaceae EQAR; Bx, br, pb, rd, vc, wv; NY; Q, cu, i, j, ri, tl, wl; K, fl; R, c, ca, cp, cs, e, fk, gb, gr, jl, js, jw, k, lp, pm, ro, t, w, wp, wt; - Equisetum arvense is a cryptogram, perennial herb, extensively colonial from slender, dark, branching, tuber-bearing underground stems (rhizomes) that can be up to 1.5 m deep and up to 100 m long; new stems can arise from rhizome fragments or tubers; sterile stems to 50 cm tall, green, hollow, thin, rough-textured, jointed, with whorls of leafless, […]
Equisetum hyemale rough scouring rush Equisetaceae EQHY; Q, tl; R, c, ca, sb; -      Equisetum hyemale is a cryptogram, perennial evergreen herb, from a widely creeping rhizome, densely, often extensively, colonial; stems 0.2-2 m tall, 0.3-1.7 cm thick, green, finely ridged, unbranched, rough-textured, interior hollow.  Leaves reduced to toothed sheaths around each node, teeth narrow, tips pointed 1.5 cm, margin toothed, black banded at tip; teeth falling (deciduous) from […]