Hieracium piloselloides  (H. florentinum) king-devil Asteraceae HIPI2*; Bx, pb (DeCandido 2001); Q, a, tl; R, al, d, mm, sv;


Hieracium piloselloides

Hieracium piloselloides.Leo Michels.Luirig.altervista.org. (Accessed 4/2014).

Hieracium piloselloides is a perennial herb, 20-100 cm tall, from a short rhizome, roots with short or no rhizomes, sap milky; stem naked with 1-2 small leaves. 

Leaves of basal rosette 3-18 cm long, including stalk, 0.5-2 cm wide, widest above middle, pale waxy blue-green, sparsely long-hairy on both sides, flowering stem with 1-2 small leaves. 

Flowers yellow, all rays, heads with bracteate base 0.6-0.8 cm tall, black-hairy; flowers self-fertile (agamospermy), (Mulligan and Kevan 1973); inflorescence flat topped, with black hairs. 

Fruit dry, 1-seeded achenes, about 0.2 cm long, with whitish bristles. 

Wetland status: UPL. 

Frequency in NYC: Infrequent. 

Origin: Europe. 

Habitat: Lawns, meadows, roadsides. 

Notes: Leaves eaten by rabbits (Martin et al. 1951).