Vicia Genus vetch Fabaceae

Vicia sativa L.

Vicia sativa L. (Accessed 4/2017).

Vicia is a genus  of vine-like herbs, stipules present, small. 

Leaves alternate, once-pinnate, terminal leaflet is a tendril, base of leaf-stalk swollen on one side (a pulvinus). 

Flowers pea-flower-shaped, Sepals 5 fused into a 2-lipped or lobed tube; petals 5, the uppermost (banner/standard/flag) large, top rounded, base narrowed side petals (wings) alike narrower, the 2 lowermost petals usually fused to form a keel which enclosed the stamens and pistil; stamens 10, 9 stalks (filaments) fused, the uppermost, 10th, free; pistil is enclosed by the 9 fused filaments; inflorescence generally compact spike-like (racemes).

Vicia cracca, Vicia

Vicia cracca, Vicia (Accessed 4/2017).

Fruit becoming dry, a pod (legume), enclosing 2-many seeds (like a pea pod); eventually splitting open along sutures on both sides to release seeds.