Rumex Genus sorrel; dock Polygonaceae

Rumex crispus.Glen Mittelhauser.New England Wild Flower

Rumex crispus.fruit.Glen Mittelhauser.New England Wild Flower (Accessed 5/2014).

Rumex is a genus of weedy herbs. Stipules sheathing stem at base of leaves, membranous, often fringed. 

Leaves alternate, simple, entire. 

Flowers green to reddish, small, petals and sepals 3 each, alike (tepals); stamens 6; ovary 3-parted, stigmas 3, styles 3 branched; inflorescences compound, of small, gathered clusters. (Accessed 4/2016).

Fruit a 3-parted achene enclosed in the inner tepals (valves).