Myosotis Genus forget-me-not Boraginaceae


Myosotis (Accessed 4/2014).

Myosotis is a genus of herbs, often hairy, rough-textured; no stipules. 

Leaves alternate, simple, entire. 

Flowers blue, occasionally white, 5-parted, radially symmetrical, petals fused, tube short, petal lobes spreading, tips rounded, overlapping; stamens 5, arising from petal tube, alternating with and shorter than petal lobes; ovary superior, 4-lobed; style attached to the floral base, (gynobase, a prolonged receptacle), and arising from between lobes of ovary; inflorescence terminal, spike-like (raceme), spirally coiled axis (helicoid cyme) with flowers on one side, uncoiling as flowers develop. 

Fruit dry, 4 nutlets attached to the gynobase, encircled by a raised margin, fruit enclosed in old calyx.