Lycopus Genus bugleweed; water horehound Lamiaceae


lycopus americanus.Glen Mittelhouser.New England Wild Flower

lycopus Mittelhouser.New England Wild Flower (Accessed 4/2014).

Lycopus is a genus of perennial herbs, 0.1-1 m tall, stems 4-sided, colonial from rhizomes or stolons, stems 4-sided, barely aromatic. 

Leaves opposite, simple, margins prominently toothed to pinnately lobed. 

Flowers white, small, tubular, petal lobes 5, nearly radially symmetrical, calyx tube sharply 5-toothed; stamens 2; ovary superior, 4-parted, stigma 2-lobed; inflorescence of numerous, dense clusters in leaf axils; most, if not all are pollinated by bees (Lovell 1918). 

Fruit dry, of four 1-seeded nutlets. 

Habitat: Wet soil.