Geranium Genus wild geranium Geraniaceae


Geranium Nickrent

Geranium maculatum.fruit and seed dispersal.Dan (Accessed 4/2014).

Geranium is a genus of annual or perennial herbs, often hairy (ours). 

Leaves alternate or sometimes opposite, palmately divided or lobed, lobes usually toothed or lobed again, veins usually impressed. 

Flowers radially symmetrical, petals 5, free, inversely egg-to heart-shaped, (obovate to obcordate); sepals alternating with petals, persistent in fruit; stamens 10; ovary superior, a deeply 5-lobed ring on the floral base, styles 5, united around a persistent central column, stigmas 5, radiating from tip of stylar column. 

Fruit dry, 5-parted, each part (carpel) 1-seeded; persistent styles forming a linear, beak-like structure; at maturity the styles separate from the base, curling upward and outward away from the persistent central column, each style carrying a seed; seeds dispersed as the thin fruit wall splits open.