Genus Cuscuta dodder Cuscutaceae

Cuscutaceae.R. Knox & FloraBase.the Western Australia

Cuscutaceae.R. Knox & FloraBase.the Western Australia (Accessed 7/2014).

Annual parasitic twining vines lacking chlorophyll. Stems yellow, orange or white. Small initial terrestrial root system degenerating as stems develop invasive haustoria that parasitize the host plant.

Leaves alternate, reduced to scales.

Flowers white, small, radially symmetrical, calyx and corolla 4-5 parted; inflorescences of 1-many flowers, along sides of stems (lateral).

Fruit becoming dry, a hollow, a rounded capsule with 1-4 seeds.

Cuscuta cephalanthi buttonbush dodder Cuscutaceae CUCE; R; - Cuscuta cephalanthi is a parasitic annual vine, stems coarse, yellow, high climbing. Plants lack chlorophyll. Leaves reduced to scales, narrow, oblong, toothed from near base, tips blunt. Flowers white, 0.2 cm, usually 4-parted, petal lobes egg-shaped, blunt-tipped, much shorter than tube, calyx lobes blunt, much shorter than petal tube; inflorescence of compact, crowded clusters. Fruit dry, hollow, a […]
Cuscuta gronovii common dodder Cuscutaceae CUGR; Bx, br, pb, sn, vc; Q, cu, j, tl, u; R, fk, gr, is, jl, jw, lp, t; - Cuscuta gronovii is a parasitic annual, orange-stemmed vine, plants lack chlorophyll, closely entwining host plant stems and entering host by numerous sucker-like haustoria, seedling root system degenerates when haustorial connection to host formed; vines are not photosynthetic but are strongly phototrophic and climb only upward and counterclockwise, forming tangled masses at top of host stem.  […]
Cuscuta obtusiflora var. glandulosa southern dodder; Peruvian dodder Cuscutaceae CUOB; R;  - Cuscuta obtusiflora var. glandulosa is a parasitic annual vine, stem yellow or orange. Leaves none or scale-like. Flowers white, 5-parted, 0.2 cm, in dense clusters, petal lobes egg-shaped, tips blunt, calyx often glandular, lobes rounded, reaching bases of petal lobes. Fruit dry, hollow capsule, rounded, cupped by old flower parts; seeds 1.5 mm. Wetland status: NL. Frequency in NYC: Rare […]
Cuscuta pentagona  (C. arvensis ) field dodder; five angled dodder Cuscutaceae CUPE; Bx, pb; NY; Q, j; R; - Cuscuta pentagona is a parasitic annual vine stems pale, very slender, no chlorophyll. Leaves none. Flowers white, 5-parted, to 0.2 cm, somewhat glandular, petal lobes 0.1 cm, narrow to triangular, about as long as the petal tube, tips long-pointed, usually bent outward with ends bent upward, calyx about as long as petal tube, nearly enclosing it, calyx […]
Cuscuta polygonorum smartweed dodder Cuscutaceae CUPO; Q, a;  - Cuscuta polygonorum is a parasitic annual herb, orange-stemmed vine, closely entwining host plant and entering host by numerous haustoria; vines strongly phototrophic, climbing only upward and counterclockwise, forming tangled masses at top of host stem, seedling root system degenerates when haustorial connection to host formed.  Leaves none or scale-like, alternate.  Flowers white, 4-parted, 0.2 cm, petal lobes […]