Agrostis Genus bent-grass Poaceae

Agrostis.gigantea. Anna Gardner. Anna Gardner.Iowa State (Accessed 3/2014).

Agrostis  is a genus of perennial or annual C3 grasses. 

Leaves alternate, two-ranked (as in all Poaceae); leaf sheath open, ligule (junction begtween sheath and blade) membranous; 

Flower spikelets 1-flowered, glumes (scales at base of floret/flower) narrow, 1-veined, nearly equal and shorter than lemma (outer scale/bract of the floret), veins of lemma inconspicuous, back rounded, sometimes with a short awn from the back; inner scale of the floret (palea) small and thinly membranous or missing; when ripe, the floret breaks off above the glumes leaving them behind; Inflorescence branched, spreading or contracted. 

Agrostis scabra.copyright 2002-2009, Patrick (Accessed 4/2015).

Agrostis scabra.copyright 2002-2009, Patrick (Accessed 4/2015).

Origin: Most of ours are European pasture grasses.