Galium tinctorium  (G. brevipes) stiff marsh-bedstraw Rubiaceae GATI; Q (DeCandido 2001); R (DeCandido 2001);



Galium tinctorium.© Janet (Accessed 4/2014).

Galium tinctorium is a perennial herb, stems slender, to 40 cm long, much branched, matted, roughened by minute back-pointing hooks. 

Leaves in whorls of 4-6, 1-2 cm long, narrow, tips blunt. 

Flowers whitish, minute, four-parted, 0.1 cm, in clusters of 2-3 on stalks less than 1 cm long, at ends of stems; blooms June-Sept. 

Fruit dry 2-parted capsule 0.2-0.3 cm on stalk to 0.5 cm. 

Wetland status: OBL. 

Frequency in NYC: Very infrequent. 

Origin: Native. 

Habitat: Marshy sites in circumneutral to alkaline soil.