Forsythia x intermedia  (F. viridissima x suspensa) forsythia Oleaceae FOVI*; Bx, cf, pb, NY, ct, iw; Q, j, ri; R, gb; (Accessed 5/2015).

Forsythia x intermedia is a shrub to 3 m tall, colonial from root sprouts; stems arching, greenish or gray-tan, with large central pith, lenticels prominent, warty. 

Leaves opposite, egg-shaped to oblong, sometimes 3-parted, margin toothed, leaves expand mid-May, after blooming (Britton 1874). 

Flowers bright yellow, to 2.5 cm long, tubular with 4 wide petal lobes, bell-shaped, in axillary clusters along stems, early April (Britton 1874). 


Forsythia x intermedia ‘Arnold Giant_leaves’ (Accessed 1/2017).

Fruit: Usually not reproducing except vegetatively. 

Wetland status: NL. 

Frequency in New York City: Infrequent. 

Origin: Both parent sp. from China. Hybridized in Germany. 

Habitat: Old garden sites, remnant hedges or horticultural plantings. Apparently not escaping into natural areas. Somewhat shade tolerant, but not blooming well in shade. 

Notes: Several other species, mostly Asian, many cultivars. Included here is Fviridissima (Dirr 1990, Rehder 1986).