Euthamia tenuifolia  (E.caroliniana, Solidago t., E. minor) flat-topped goldenrod Asteraceae EUTE; Bx, pb (DeCandido 2001); Q, cu, j, wl; K, m; R, c, cl, cp, gr, gw, k, lp, sv;


Euthamia tenuifolia.Larry Allain @ USDA-NRCS PLANTS Database

Euthamia tenuifolia.Larry Allain @ USDA-NRCS PLANTS Database. (Accessed 4/2014).

Euthamia tenuifolia is a perennial herb, clonal from rhizomes; stems 30-100 cm tall, often sweet-aromatic.Winter stem brown, slender, receptacles star-shaped, bracts overlapping. 

Leaves alternate, stalkless, blade 2.3-7 cm long, 0.1-0.3 cm wide, linear, 1-veined, thin; tufts of small leaves and/or branches in leaf axils. 

Flowers yellow, ray flowers 0. 2 cm, heads with 10-21 flowers, bracteate base 0.3-0.4 cm long, bracts in 4 rows, flowers in clusters of small heads; blooms Aug.-Oct., insect pollinated. 

Fruit dry, 1-seeded achene with plume of tan bristles, wind dispersed. Seeds eaten by some birds and small mammals, foliage eaten by rabbits (Martin et al. 1951). 

Wetland status: FACU. 

Frequency in NYC: Occasional. 

Origin: Native. 

Habitat: Open areas, sandy soil, fill.