Dryopteris Genus wood fern Aspleniaceae


Dryopteris felix-mas.commons.wikimedia.org (Accessed 12/2016).

Dryopteris is a genus of usually terrestrial ferns, arising from short to short-creeping, stout, scaly underground stem  (rhizome), the base of the rhizome often shaggy from old leaf stalk (petiole) bases.


Dryopteris filix-mas pinnule with grooves along top surface.© David Fenwick 2014.01-06-08.aphotoflora.com

Leaves with stalk shorter than blade (1/4-2/3 length); blade 1-3 times pinnate or pinnately-divided (pinnatifid), divisions reduced upward to tip; leaflet stalks broadly attached to leaf stalks (“minor axes decurrent on major ones”); all veins on the upper surface of the leaf (adaxial) grooved, the grooves continuous from the major to the minor veins; leaves scaly on under (abaxial side; mostly smooth on upper side; veins forked at ends and not extending to the leaflet margins (free).


Dryopteris carthusiana pinnule, sori.© David Fenwick 2014.05-08-10.aphotoflora.com

Spore cases (sori) in one row between the margin and midrib of the leaflets, round; the covering over the sori (indusia) round to kidney-shaped (J. D. Montgomery and W. H. Wagner Jr. Flora of North America, Vol. 2, www.eFloras.org; Accessed 1/2016).