Cystopteris protrusa lowland fragile fern Aspleniaceae CYPR; R, gb (R. Lynch ca. 2002);

Cystopteris_protrusa,I_TQBH5056. © Copyright Bobby Hattaway 2011 · 5.

Cystopteris protrusa, I_TQBH5056. © Copyright Bobby Hattaway 2011 · 5. (Accessed 12/2014).

Cystopteris protrusa is a fern much like C. fragilis, but rhizome is long-creeping, densely hairy, and the growing point extends 2-4 cm beyond the leaves. 

Cystopteris protrusa.Steve

Cystopteris protrusa.Steve (Accessed 12/2014).

Leaves more scattered, midribs of leaflets with scattered glands, lowermost secondary leaflets wedge-shaped at base, often with a short stalk. 

Wetland status: UPL. 

Frequency in NYC: Rare, NYS, S1, E. One location only. Population enhanced with greenhouse grown individuals raised from this parent stock. 

Origin: Native to NYC. 

Habitat: moist woods.