Cuscuta obtusiflora var. glandulosa southern dodder; Peruvian dodder Cuscutaceae CUOB; R; 

Cuscuta obtusiflora var. Corbett

Cuscuta obtusiflora var. glandulosa. Copyright © 2005.Robert Corbett. Texas A&M Bioinformatics Working (Accessed 4/2014).

Cuscuta obtusiflora var. glandulosa is a parasitic annual vine, stem yellow or orange.

Leaves none or scale-like.

Flowers white, 5-parted, 0.2 cm, in dense clusters, petal lobes egg-shaped, tips blunt, calyx often glandular, lobes rounded, reaching bases of petal lobes.

Fruit dry, hollow capsule, rounded, cupped by old flower parts; seeds 1.5 mm.

Wetland status: NL.

Frequency in NYC: Rare (NYSS1, E).

Origin: Mostly the Southern USA. NYC probably the northern limit of range.

Habitat: On other plants.