Corynephorus canescens  (Aira c.) gray hairgrass Poaceae COCA3*; Q, a, i, dp, fr, j, rb, tl; K, fl, gt, m, pl;



Corynephorus (Accessed 4/2015).

Corynephorus canescens is a perennial C3 grass (Pooter et al. 1990), 20-60 cm. 

Leaves basal in small dense cushions, waxy blue-gray green, very fine-filamentous; blade about 15 cm tall, sheaths often purplish; flowering stems about 30 cm long. 

Corynephorus canescens

Corynephorus canescens.Andrea Moro.Creative (Accessed 4/2015).

Flower spikelets 2-flowered, membranous, glumes 0.3-0.4 cm, hairy, as long as spikelet, lemmas shorter, short-awned; inflorescence dense, fluffy, silvery when young, 5-12 cm long. 

Wetland status: NL. 

Frequency in NYC: Occasional. 

Origin: Europe. 

Habitat: Pioneers on bare, dry, sandy soil and fill in open areas, often with Trifolium arvense (Gargiullo personal observation).