Coronopus didymus  (Coronopsis didymus) wart-cress Brassicaceae CODI* NY, ct (M. Feder p.c.); Q, fh (M. Feder p.c.);


Coronopus didymus

Coronopus didymus.Forest and Kim Starr – Plants of Hawaii.Creative Commons.luirig (Accessed 11/2014).

Coronopus didymus is an annual or biennial, fetid smelling herb 10-40 cm tall, forming mats to 80 cm wide, stems much branched, ascending to spreading. 

Leaves alternate pinnately divided, 1-3 cm long, oblong, segments entire to deeply few-toothed. 

Flowers white, very small, radially symmetrical, petals spatula-shaped, only slightly longer than sepals. 

Fruit becoming dry, to 0.3 cm long, a 2-parted, flattened pod, notched at top and bottom, one seed in each inflated, wrinkled segment; styles short, persistent. Inflorescence of loose racemes (spike-like). 

Wetland status: UPL. 

Frequency in NYC: Very infrequent. 

Origin: S. America 

Habitat: Open weedy sites. 

Note: First observed 2008.