Chenopodium urbicum city goosefoot Chenopodiaceae CHUR*; Bx, pb (DeCandido 2001), wv (Yost et al. 1991) (Yost et al. 1991); NY (DeCandido 2001); K (DeCandido 2001); R (DeCandido 2001);



Chenopodium (Accessed 5/2014).

Chenopodium urbicum is an annual, C3 herb (Jacobs 2001), 0.3-1 m tall, erect, branches divergent from base to apex. 

Leaves alternate, to 8 cm long, 5 cm wide, rhombic- to egg-shaped or triangular, tip pointed, base truncate, margins coarsely toothed, bright green, shiny above, white-mealy below, at least when young. 

Flowers minute, calyx 5-parted, lobes rounded on back; inflorescence of spikes with flowers in dense clusters, calyx 5-parted, segments rounded. 

Fruit dry, 1-seeded, seeds horizontal, 0.1 cm; blooms and fruits July-Oct. 

Wetland status: UPL. 

Frequency in NYC: Infrequent. 

Origin: Europe. 

Habitat: Open areas, vacant lots.