Anthemis tinctoria yellow chamomile Asteraceae ANTI*; Q (DeCandido 2001);

Anthemis (Accessed 3/2014).

Anthemis (Accessed 3/2014).

Anthemis tinctoria is a Short-lived perennial herb, 30-70 cm tall, colonial from creeping above-ground stems, flowering stems erect few-branched, hairy. 

Leaves alternate, pinnately divided, 2-6 cm long, midrib winged, segments toothed or divided, wooly below.

Flower heads 3-4 cm wide, daisy-like, with 20-30 rays, disk about 1.5 cm wide, disk and ray flowers yellow, basal bracts small, dry, numerous.

Fruit dry 1-seed (achene).

Wetland status: UPL.

Frequency in NYC: Very infrequent.

Origin: Europe.

Habitat: Weedy open areas, roadsides.