Amelanchier Genus serviceberry; juneberry; shadbush Rosaceae


Amelanchier (Accessed 10/2016).

Amelanchier is a genus of unarmed shrubs or small trees, usually multi-stemmed, ours mostly with smooth gray bark (Gargiullo pers. obs.).

Leaves Alternate, entire, margins toothed, in racemes on new growth. Usually matt-green above, paler below.

Flowers white to occasionally pink, medium-sized, radially symmetrical, petals, sepals and styles 5; stamens mostly 20 (in ours) shorter than the petals; floral tube (hypanthium) inversely conical; ovary 5-parted, inferior. Inflorescences of racemes at the branch tips on new growth.


Amelanchier Genus.flower structure.© 2002 Gary Fewless U. Wisconsin at Green Bay.Curator Corfin

Fruit red to black, fleshy, a 10-parted pome (seeds separated by stiff partitions, like an apple). Old  calyx lobes forming a crown.