Agrimonia Genus harvest lice Rosaceae

Agrimony sp. flowers.Amy

Agrimony sp. flowers. Amy B.

Agrimonia Genus, these are perennial herbs from thick rhizomes; stipules leaf-like, margins deeply toothed.

Agrimonia eupatoria leaf. 18847.

Agrimonia eupatoria leaf. 18847. (Accessed 7/2017).

Leaves pinnately compound, with 3-many large leaflets, interspersed with numerous, small leaflets, margins toothed.

Flowers yellow, petals 5, calyx at first spreading then coalescing at tips and forming a stiff beak in fruit, ovaries-2, expanded floral base (hypanthium) covered with hooked bristles. Inflorescence long, spike-like, with spaces between flowers along the stalk.

Agrimonia eupatoria fruit.

Agrimonia eupatoria fruit. (Accessed 7/2017).

Fruit  dry achenes. Bristles hook onto fur or clothing as a means of dispersal.