Acalypha australis 3-seeded mercury Euphorbiaceae ACAU*; NY, rr;


Acalypha australis.M. B. Gargiullo (ca. 2004).

Acalypha australis.M. B. Gargiullo (ca. 2004).

Acalypha australis is an annual herb, to 60 cm, from a taproot, stems erect, simple or branched, smooth or finely hairy; bright green to reddish, often appearing translucent or succulent, sap watery.

Leaves alternate, stalks 1-8 cm long, blades 3-9 cm long, 2-5 cm wide, only slightly longer than stalks, narrowly egg-shaped to rhombic, tip blunt, base tapered to rounded, surface finely hairy, major veins 3, palmate at base, margin bluntly toothed (crenate)

Flowers green, monoecious, inflorescence bracts heart-shaped, margins blunt-toothed, not lobed, male spikes are elongate, conspicuous.

Wetland status: NL.

Frequency in NYC: Very infrequent.

Origin: East Asia. 

Notes: Gleason and Cronquist (1991) report this only from NYC.