Cuscuta pentagona  (C. arvensis ) field dodder; five angled dodder Cuscutaceae CUPE; Bx, pb; NY; Q, j; R;

Cuscuta pentagona.Richard Old.New England Wild Flower

Cuscuta pentagona.Copyright ©.2014 Richard Old.New England Wild Flower (Accessed 7/2014).

Cuscuta pentagona is a parasitic annual vine stems pale, very slender, no chlorophyll.

Leaves none.

Flowers white, 5-parted, to 0.2 cm, somewhat glandular, petal lobes 0.1 cm, narrow to triangular, about as long as the petal tube, tips long-pointed, usually bent outward with ends bent upward, calyx about as long as petal tube, nearly enclosing it, calyx lobes often broader than long; inflorescence often on short stalks, in compact head-like clusters.

Fruit dry, hollow capsule, rounded, top flattened, base shallowly cupped by old flower parts, 2-seeded; blooming and fruiting June-Oct.

Wetland status: NL.

Frequency in NYC: Rare (NYSS1, E).

Origin: Native.

Habitat: On herbaceous plants in dry open soil.

 Notes: Listed as a noxious weed by the USDA (USDA 2004).